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Progressive lenses, which are commonly referred to as “no-line bifocals” have dramatically improved in both quality and usability over the last few years.  The current generation of lenses have much wider distance, intermediate and near zones. This translates into improved vision at all focal lengths. These new progressive lenses use advanced algorithms to calculate custom optics for the wearer.  Impressively, theses lenses require far more data than their predecessors. Unlike traditional lenses which only require a pupillary distance and optical center height measurements for fitting, these lenses also require a vertex distance and angle-of-wrap measurement.  The extra data that is collected during the fitting process is used to generate the design of the lens and even compensate the prescription. This is a stunning improvement over traditional “no-line” multifocal lenses which offer similar viewing angles and wearer experience for all prescriptions.  University Eye Specialists offers the highest quality, digitally surfaced lenses made by Zeiss. We want the same excellence of care that you receive from our doctors during the examination to manifest in the way you view the world through your new eyeglasses. Want to learn more? Stop by one of our locations or give us a call @ 1-865-244-2020.