The Miraculous Visual Pathway

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Winter is upon us!  In East Tennessee we are fortunate to have a “front row seat” to nature at its finest, with the Smoky Mountains as the perfect backdrop.  The majesty of the season begs us to contemplate the intricate gift of sight.  While the visual pathway is a complex system involving millions of parts working in harmony, a basic … Read More

Doctor Spotlight: Jennifer Maples

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Dr. Jennifer Maples specializes in medical optometry and contact lenses. After graduating with highest honors from Middle Tennessee State University, with a degree in chemistry, she decided to pursue her doctorate in optometry. While studying optometry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Dr. Maples developed her passion for patient interaction and caring for patients holistically, rather than just as … Read More

Advancing Progressive Lens Technology

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Progressive lenses, which are commonly referred to as “no-line bifocals” have dramatically improved in both quality and usability over the last few years.  The current generation of lenses have much wider distance, intermediate and near zones. This translates into improved vision at all focal lengths. These new progressive lenses use advanced algorithms to calculate custom optics for the wearer.  Impressively, … Read More

Doctor Spotlight: Herbert Glatt

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Herbert J. Glatt, MD Oculoplastic Surgery Dr. Glatt is a specialist in Oculoplastic Surgery whose practice is entirely focused on eyelid and tear duct surgery. He joined University Eye Specialists in 1989 as the first fellowship-trained Oculoplastic Surgeon in East Tennessee. Since that time he has performed over 14,000 operations. Dr. Glatt has specialized training and extensive experience in performing … Read More

Top Docs 2019

Sam WinnegradUncategorized University Eye Specialists is proud to announce that Dr. David Harris, Dr. Paul Froula, Dr. Herbert Glatt and Dr. Jonathan Sowell have earned the prestigious title of “Top Doc” for 2019! Cityview magazine is proud to honor the men and women in our medical community whose dedication and skill have earned the respect of both their patients and peers. … Read More

Dr. Rouse’s Boston Marathon Experience

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Dr. James Rouse, a Knoxville native, was part of the Team with a Vision in the Boston Marathon. He helped another athlete who was visually impaired finish at the Boston Marathon. Also, check out the inspiring Team with a Vision organization below:    

Hardin Valley Now Open!

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University Eye Specialists officially opened its new Hardin Valley office on Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 2 p.m.  The new office, which opened to the public on Feb. 7, is located at 2547 Willow Point Way, off Hardin Valley Road in Creek Side Professional Park. It offers convenient parking, expanded on-site diagnostic capabilities and an updated optical department. Guests will enjoy … Read More

Physician Spotlight: Dr. James Doss

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Dr. Doss hikes and backpacks locally throughout the year but tries to plan a large trip with a friend he met while in medical school, at least annually. This year’s trip was a 5-day, 64 mile backpacking trip through Wyoming’s Wind River Range during the first week of September. Temperatures ranged between the mid 20’s and high 60’s, which were … Read More

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Lauren Harris

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Dr. Lauren Harris is a cornea specialist. When she started college, she thought she might want to be a pilot; however, her love of medicine took over. She earned a degree in biomedical engineering with highest honors before going on to medical school. Toward the end of medical school, she realized ophthalmology would be a good fit for her as … Read More

Dr. Rouse’s Wife Qualifies for Olympic Trials

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Gina Rouse runs her kids from place to place, runs her household and runs 100-plus miles every week. This marathon mom puts in the work, and it has paid off in a big way.  Running is in Gina’s blood. She started in middle school, and ran track in college. “It was kid of a natural love from the start. I … Read More